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Recently, the National Commission Wei Jian, the State Food and drug administration, the National Health Insurance Bureau three provisions promulgated, public opinion from the function of internal organs, and other provisions that focus on the field of medicine and health. Weijian Commission issued diagnosis, remote medical treatment, the Internet Internet hospital management file, the "Internet plus medical health service system of continuous improvement, and actively create a conducive to the development of internet medical service health policy environment. Ali health "super pharmacy 1" standard, the standard of "drug traceability" will play a positive role in the supervision and management of the drug safety, ensure the quality and safety of medicines, regulate market order, at the same time also need to guard against the platform of enterprise information security risk.

Wei Jian State Commission, the State Food and drug administration, the National Health Insurance Bureau three provisions promulgated

In September 10-11, the central organization network have announced the National Health Commission, State Drug Administration and the National Bureau of health care functions, internal structure and staffing requirements.

According to the regulations, the State Council is the Weijian component departments of the State Council, to the ministerial level, the administrative system of 525; State Food and drug administration is the National Bureau of the State Administration of market management, as vice ministerial level, the administrative system of 216; national health insurance bureau is the institutions directly under the State Council, vice ministerial level, the administrative system 80. According to the "twenty-first Century economic report", the National Commission responsible for deepening the reform, carry out Weijian population monitoring and early warning and response to population aging, making the medical institutions and medical service industry management and supervision; the State Food and drug administration is responsible for drugs, medical devices and cosmetics registration, quality, after the listing of risk management; national health insurance bureau responsible for the "Three Guarantees", organize the formulation of medicines, medical supplies and medical insurance catalog and payment standard fees, bidding policy etc..

Public opinion: focus on "three" Regulations

The media focus on internal organization, function allocation adjustment, the State Family Planning Commission revoked Weijian our much media attention. The National Commission revoked Weijian consists of 3 departments: Grassroots Family planning guidance, the development of family planning division, management of floating population family planning services division. 4: increase the departments of aging health division, occupation health division, population health and family development division, bureau of health. "China women newspaper" published "3 Family Planning Commission Wei Jian Department revoked" reported that the population of Peking University Professor Mu Guangzong said, improve the family planning policy should keep pace with the times, on the one hand the government plans to change from birth family plan, right to the people, independent family; on the other hand, the reform of family authority the policy should be introduced at the same time, family welfare, family service timely supporting policies and measures to boost the birth rate to form a cohesive force, and properly deal with the problem of social cost of post birth times, prominent pension issues. Caixin published "Family Planning Commission Wei Jian Department revoked the full liberalization of restrictions? "Said the organization change or" comprehensive two child policy does not achieve the desired effect on.

Department of medical institutions to reform of national institutions reform the role of benchmarking. "China medicine" published "the implementation of the three provisions to speed up the transformation of functions" comment "," three "provisions" marks the State Food and drug administration organization reform and the function change into the start operation, comprehensively promote the new stage. Decision to start the process, the relationship between the global start. The reform of food and drug administration agencies of the state with the benchmark role of national drug administration reform, we must pay close attention to the decisive victory.

Public comment: meet the healthy and orderly development of health field to promote medical management modernization

According to the party's the third Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee passed the "CPC Central Committee on deepening the reform of the party and the state agency decision", "deepening the party and government institutional reform program" and the thirteenth session of the National People's Congress approved the first meeting of the "State Council reform plan", the national Wei Jian Commission, the State Food and drug administration, the National Health Insurance Bureau three provisions have been introduced, involving the field of medicine and health functions, internal structure and staffing requirements to be clear. Three departments to follow the trend of the times, and set reasonable allocation of government agencies, scientific functions, use the preparation, improve the institutional mechanisms to make individual overlapping organizations and functions and responsibilities are not clearly divided, disjointed problem can be improved, to better meet the needs of medical and health related industries to promote the healthy and orderly development, medical supervision and drug administration modernization, security public health security.

Weijian Commission issued diagnosis, remote medical treatment, the Internet Internet hospital management file

In September 14th, the national Weijian Commission and the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine formulation of the "Internet management approach (Trial)" and "Internet hospital management approach (Trial)" "remote medical service management standard (Trial)" three documents, comprehensively regulate the Internet healthcare industry.

Public opinion: Interpretation of the media focus on policy

Interpretation of the media focus on policy. "People's Daily Overseas Edition" published the "National Committee Wei Jian: let" Internet plus medical "no longer" barbaric "" attention to medical institutions, pharmaceutical group, and other Internet companies to refine the classification, new formats of Internet access and supervision of medical service, the main clear legal responsibility. CNR network released "spend less" little errands Internet plus health "medical" let the people calm, reports interview professionals said that the full implementation of the "Internet plus health", is the embodiment of people centered, will benefit the people. The "daily economic news" published "National Commission Wei Jian: internet medical" focus on the new regulations landing, physicians to carry out online diagnosis and treatment regulations, basic medical services into health care problems.

Netizens said "Internet plus health" is the performance of scientific and technological progress, bring convenience to the public. But there are a few users of medical PPC, how worried about health care, the rate of misdiagnosis included. There are a small number of netizens said the need to further implement and improve policies.

Comments: public opinion supervision departments to create conducive to the development of internet medical service health policy environment

Attention, Weijian Commission of the three documents issued by the industry at present, a new mode of "Internet plus medical health service" new form of vigorous development, there are some problems in the development process, the need for timely guide. Three documents on "Internet plus medical service" classified management, clear hospital and the treatment of the Internet Internet Internet access procedures, clear legal responsibility to the hospital, "Internet plus medical and health service system continue to improve, will help to promote the implementation of health China strategy, create a conducive to the healthy development of Internet medical service policy environment. To further promote the public Internet looking medical service policy and implementation, to meet the diverse needs of people's growing health.

Ali health released "super pharmacy 1" standard

In September 12th, Ali health was founded in 2nd anniversary on the occasion of the pharmacy, first published in the new retail era "super pharmacy 1" standard, namely "the world looking for goods, big data selection, sampling, monitoring, review all aspects of drug traceability and pharmacist all-weather service" six large flow. The back yard has once again become the drug retail terminal layout Ali health "killer".

Public opinion: traceability system construction of information security is the key

Ali health "super pharmacy 1" standard related topics from,, Guangming, Chinese economic network, "Beijing Youth Daily" and other media reports focus on. Report for the main content of articles, little commentary. But an important product traceability system, "worker's Daily" published "traceability system, information security is the key to" said, establish and improve product traceability system, the construction of information management platform is the priority among priorities. Complete the product related information through the platform collection, upload and open inquiry, production, consumption and other aspects of regulation and connection. Information is the core of product traceability, its authenticity, authority is essential. In fact, the traceability system also is a way of supervision, printed on the product packaging information identification code is not only the carrier of information, should also be given public supervision letter symbols. In addition, the risk of information security traceability management platform can not be ignored.

Public comment: drug traceability will play a positive role at the same time also need to guard against the risk of information security

This year 7 month, general office of the Ministry of Commerce issued "product traceability management platform construction guidelines (Trial)" to promote the construction of traceability system for drugs and other key products. 8 24, the State Food and Drug Administration issued "for guidance on drug traceability information system (Draft)", to encourage information technology enterprises as the third-party technical agencies to provide information services for drug traceability holders, drug handling enterprises and units. Ali in health policy guidance, actively layout of drug retail terminal, issued a "super pharmacy 1.0" standard. The standard of "drug traceability" will help all types of market players and regulators of drug quality and safety supervision and management, at the same time, will also play a positive role in ensuring the quality and safety of medicines, regulate market order etc..

Recently, the 1 drug network, Ping doctor Pharmaceutical business platform has listed, the amount of capital involved, platform enterprises should remain vigilant, not only "capital" and "thinking", the enterprise should bear the social responsibility, strengthen self-discipline. In addition, Ali health intervention drug information supervision industry has triggered a lawsuit, the pharmaceutical business platform also need to guard against the risk of information security. The platform of enterprise technology and work in perfecting the management system at the same time, attention should also be paid to the staff thought construction, many aspects of safeguarding the public interest.

(commissioning editor Wang Kun and Zhang Xiang)