Public opinion: food regulatory intervention kindergarten food sugar GB attention relaxed metamorphic event


Zhao Jing

2018 10 08 April 09:30 source: - public opinion channel

During the period from September 17th to September 23rd, Anhui two kindergartens in Wuhu were reported by parents making bad food canteen meals, students' physical discomfort after eating, the supervision department immediately involved in the investigation, the public must quickly dispose of. The individual from the media issued a document called the new national sugar reducing sulfur dioxide standard led to a public debate, experts, media rumor that sugar is safe and controllable new gb. Shanghai a restaurant open astronomical bill attract users attention, public opinion agencies are involved in the investigation of public power corruption.

Wuhu two kindergarten food spoilage public opinion supervision investigation

In September 19th, some parents reported, Anhui Wuhu Tongxin, when Bei two kindergarten canteen food safety issues, law enforcement officers immediately went to the scene to investigate. 23, Wuhu municipal government informed that Tongxin kindergarten has identified the use of expired rice and rice vermin, law enforcement personnel have been seized of the above products, be seized of the kindergarten food warehouse, according to the law of Tongxin kindergarten shareholders, Yuan Changliang Moumou criminal detention. Get involved in kindergarten shellfish operations do not meet the food safety standards of food, is a criminal investigation. The relevant departments have organized kindergarten students to the well-known hospital physical examination.

According to media reports, and strive to complete within 28 days of the test report and Tongxin kindergarten food sample tableware sampling inspection. Follow the relevant departments according to the law to take over two kindergartens, restoring the teaching order. On a voluntary basis, to Lingering Garden to continue the kindergarten parents, full refund debt term related expenses, Jiujiang District Education Bureau will co-ordinate arrangements.

Public opinion: kindergarten food safety problem "worried" the public appealed to punish the parties involved and strengthen supervision

Wuhu kindergarten food safety problems of food safety supervision "trigger pain. "Beijing News" commented that children grow up after "milk powder, vaccine, formaldehyde, rancid food" suffering too much, how to use the system to put these evil impulses into the cage; how to use, severe law high compensation, and cut off their greedy hands -- maybe every case, will be a turning point. @ People's daily microblogging comments that should be implemented as soon as possible, the principal principal is prepared to accompany the meal, what to eat, what children eat. If the principal to eat special treatment, enjoy delicacies, who cares about the child food safety? From kindergarten to accompany the meal as a mere formality, also need strong supervision and punishment.

The campus food safety problem of reproduction, netizens said "heartache" at the same time, also called for "severe punishment" of people involved. Some netizens believe that this phenomenon is caused by illegal cost is too low, so they dare to defy the law "; also the netizen said that in recent years, food safety, kindergarten school bus safety event happened frequently, hoping to attract attention, and do not want the regulation only stay on the surface.

Comments: public opinion supervision efficient disposal was certainly looking forward to perfect the supervision system of the public

School meals for special groups, the number of meals, a high degree of social concern, food safety problems easily lead to the crisis of public opinion. 19, take action immediately received a report of Wuhu City Jiujiang district after the relevant departments rushed to the scene the first time, the park related food were sealed, sampling, the related questions to the parents, 20 days to 23 days, Jiujiang district government, Wuhu municipal government issued bulletin, published the relevant circumstances in kindergarten food safety problems, take measures such as physical examination arrangements for children. The various departments cooperate closely, high-level intervention, efficient disposal, get the public recognition, to ease the public controversy.

In recent years, the kindergarten frequent incidents of food safety, only rely on monitoring equipment, stalking parents over the wall supervision "and other means, to fundamentally solve the problem. "Always problems after exposure to regulatory intervention" and "children rice, everyday problems and other disputes, shows that the public anxiety. The supervision system of the relevant departments also need to establish a more rigorous and normalization, improve parents' participation in campus channels of supervision, punishment to really play a deterrent role, in order to ensure campus safety.

Sugar is refers to the new national standard to relax public concerns about the health and safety hazard index of sulfur dioxide

According to the surging news, "Chinese news weekly" and other media reports, in September 1st, the new sugar recommended national standard GB/T 317-2018 formally implemented, to replace the old GB/T 317-2006. Recommended the implementation of the national standard only half, many users find that the contrast to the old recommended national standard, sulfur dioxide index has been relaxed than before. For a time, many from the media issued a document on the public criticism that the new standards relaxed sugar sulfur dioxide indicators, will pose a threat to health. But some experts believe that the new standard is still safe and controllable.

Public opinion: the rumor "sugar containing sulfur dioxide carcinogenic" official standard changes need clear reason

Industry experts of science sugar new GB is safe and controllable. Most of the domestic sugar mills using sulfuric acid method, with sulfur dioxide as the primary clarifier, residual trace sulfur dioxide in sugar. East China University of Science and Technology, food and Drug Supervision Research Center Deputy Director Liu Shaowei said, as the safety of sulfur dioxide sugar residue, after all is to see the variety and amount of food. The residual amount of sulphur dioxide in sugar less, food can be assured. Sugar engineering expert Li Jianbin believes that the content of sulfur dioxide index changes to the production process, the new national standard for the raw materials of standard segmentation and the regulations, in general, sulfur dioxide index of new standards, is safe and controllable. The Beijing Institute of nutrition director Gu in the micro-blog published video interpretation also believes that the sulfur dioxide as three carcinogens and no evidence to prove that it causes cancer, daily sugar consumption will not affect the health, a small amount of sulfur dioxide into the body after the final sulfur acid salt, the normal human body after detoxification by urine. Does not produce toxic effects.

The food field is broad, the new standard of cohesion is not perfect and individual problems to interpret. "Chinese news weekly" reports on food safety related indicators recommended GB modified sugar, is actually a fundamental source in the domestic food safety standard system changes. The report quoted industry insiders point of view, the implementation of the national food safety standards, the original is kindness, can enhance the authority of the standard, but in the process of integration of some problems. The field of food, there are always some things not so cohesion, sugar problems exposed. In addition, enterprises have to reduce cost and increase profit nature, relax the sulfur dioxide standard, will lead to sugar enterprises in specific production in lower standards and other issues, should also explain by the official standard system, what is reasonable and legal, compliance. There is also the view that, food additives GB of sulphur dioxide in sugar residue reality provisions and the sugar industry does not converge, the current value is "a bit loose", the future is likely to face further amendments.

Some netizens questioned the standard free to relax, think the current domestic consumption upgrade, the greater the high standard and high quality commodity demand, should have potential to improve the standard and the elimination of backward production capacity, improve the industry concentration, but act in a diametrically opposite way. But there are also netizens hold a positive attitude towards the new standard, that standard slowly absorb enterprises to participate in, before the introduction of a standard, supervision found that domestic no company can achieve, to supervise. Promotion of technology is a process, not just in accordance with international standards.

Public comments: food standard time is tight and heavy task to do to control the risk of official public opinion

Sugar is the daily intake of people, individual public number rendering which contains sulfur dioxide "carcinogenic" implies that the food standards is behind the interests of the enterprise oriented, attract public attention. The recent "salmon raw food standard" issue is not flat, the public concern about the sugar food standards there are food safety hazards. Industry experts, media timely sound rumor, clarify the reason sugar food standards change, and effectively curb the spread of rumors.

According to reports, in the "food safety law", the food standard of our country involved very much, health, quality supervision, agriculture and other departments have issued the standard, there are often cross, repetition of these standards, the standard is much and miscellaneous, leading enterprises are often at a loss. In recent years, China launched a large-scale food standard and systematic revision work, the work progressed greatly, but due to the standard very much, is currently in progress. In the standard process, there are still some imperfections, by individual from the media to manufacturing gimmick, the pursuit of "eyeball economy". Changes in food standards, the most important in the eyes of the public is still the food safety can be guaranteed. The relevant departments shall promptly clear the public doubts, to quell the food standards in the process of integration of public controversy.

Shanghai astronomical bill restaurant before and after the position is not a lead in public controversy

A bill in the network spread caused public concern, the bill shows that the night of September 18th, 8 people dining in a restaurant in Shanghai City, the total consumption amounted to 418245 yuan, over 50 thousand yuan per capita. The face of this astronomical bill, the restaurant was denied, but after the person in charge also admitted the existence of the bill, said the party for private custom, is "the prince of Dubai asked people to eat a meal, the restaurant" emphasizes the legal compliance management, and a dinner "no star no leadership". 19, Shanghai City, Changning District Market Supervision Bureau told the media that have been involved in investigating the matter, basically confirmed the true astronomical bill, the survey results will be published in a timely manner.

Public opinion: dinner is involved corruption to authority involved in the investigation

The "price" of the view that stimulate public curiosity, market behavior itself is not illegal. "China Times" quoted the Philosophy Department of East China Normal University teacher Liu Shigong viewpoint, from cultural and social point of view, the event of concern mainly due to stimulate the curiosity of the public. People want to know what is the price of delicacy what ingredients, what flavor, what value so much money; second is the way of life of the upper class consumption level of curiosity, trying to make out, I want to go sightseeing. The legal profession also comments that one is willing to buy one to sell is normal business. Price of food certainly inform price in advance, or who will be most willing to pay no, contract private day prices are temporary.

They are involved in clean and honest public issues of public power, to the authority involved in the investigation. South Network commented that the event is not the market supervision department to investigate this meal is true or false, or there is no investigation of the meal price violations, and shall be made by the local discipline inspection departments involved in the investigation. Because the consumer has no views on the astronomical bill, and did not feel expensive, but the mass behind this meal is suspected of corruption. "Beijing Youth Daily" commented that the "super dinner" restaurant owner gave a negative answer to no star no leadership ", but the restaurant suspected of lying in view of previous experience, especially considering some of the problems have been involved in the public interest for the public interest, the truth of the matter, not just listen to the boss of the restaurant one side of the story, not a" not to disclose "on the matter, and should be intervened by the relevant authority, to conduct a comprehensive investigation into.

Public comment: Restaurant attitude "reversal" has been questioned on the public events show astronomical bill or stereotype

For astronomical bill, most of the public believe that as long as the origin is, is willing to "rich people". Due to the focus of public controversy is in the restaurant first denied and later admitted that the move. The attitude of the "reverse" aroused public doubts astronomical bill hidden behind the problem of corruption.

Guangming review pointed out that various speculations, faintly reflects the masses of the previous social experience of eating melon is summed up, such as the right of public and private and rich adhesion, adhesion. If no market irregularities and officials involved, astronomical bill was being watched as the rich live specimens, for heroes is a true public pressure. Overall, get rid of the public stereotype of the "price bill" behind the travel chaos or corruption of public funds impression, regulators also need timely intervention and information disclosure in order to eliminate the doubt, the public also should establish a correct attitude to wealth and high consumption.

(commissioning editor Wang Kun and Zhang Xiang)