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2018 years 10 months 08 days from 09:41: - public opinion channel

In this period, the 2018 summer Davos forum held in Tianjin, the transformation of energy has become a hot topic of the forum, was the focus of public opinion. The development of the photovoltaic industry is facing "three high and one low" "big but not strong", lead to industry concerns. Natural gas supply concerns the vital interests of the people, affecting social concern, Beijing Tianjin Hebei Paul winter for the start of work, natural gas supply rising public opinion.

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In the summer of Davos focus on energy transformation focused "China's green leadership"

On September 18th -20, 2018 Davos summer forum held in Tianjin, the forum to "build an innovative society in the fourth industrial revolution as the theme, the more than 200 special session covers economic, financial, energy, manufacturing and other fields. Among them, the transformation of energy has become a hot topic of the Davos forum, energy innovation, energy transformation, wisdom energy sparked heated debate.

The development of green energy transformation imperative consensus

The energy industry is experiencing a hitherto unknown change, energy transformation and green development has become a common consensus. State Grid chairman Shu Yinbiao said that the theme of the forum "to build a fourth industrial revolution in the innovative society" and a new round of global energy revolution is closely related. Before the three industrial revolution by the energy revolution triggered the fourth industrial revolution will achieve energy structure from the traditional energy transition to non fossil energy. "Economic Daily" quoted Trina Solar chairman Gao Jifan's view that the fourth industrial revolution must be accompanied by the energy revolution, clean power, and will be the future development direction of the energy center, intelligent, and Chinese energy transformation the only way which must be passed.

Follow the "green leadership" China won the global focus

In September 19th at the "Chinese green leadership forum, green energy development, climate change and other buzz. The guests said, China in recent years in response to climate change and low carbon emission reduction has made many attempts to provide reference to many developing countries. Dean of Xiamen University Institute of energy policy Chinese Lin Boqiang said, in the global green development, Chinese has played a leading role in certain. Chinese is a world leader in renewable energy technology and green investment, is expected to 2020, the world's largest carbon market will start to run. "Guangming Daily" commented that the China facts, showing the construction of green ecological leadership.

Chinese efforts in tackling climate change and low carbon emission reduction in developing countries to provide a lot of reference, which shows the "green leadership" has also been recognized by the guests. The United States Smithson, Conservation Biology Institute Steve Montford China of exemplary role in green development to express my appreciation. Secretary of international affairs of the Brazil planning department Jorge Albace said, "Chinese is not only our example, it provides us with a lot of environmental friendly development plan". At the same time, there are also points out, the Chinese green leadership should be strengthened, the need for a better way out of the promotion of renewable energy technologies and Climate Governance action experience. The British "Sino foreign dialogue" editor Isabelle Hilton said that if Chinese can be the best green development practice extended to "The Belt and Road" countries, the world economy will change the pattern of carbon emissions.

Scientific and technological innovation to support the future development of energy

The adjustment of energy structure is always accompanied by the application of advanced technology, green energy technology innovation to drive. Trina Solar chairman Gao Jifan believes that the energy of the Internet is the future development direction of energy. It is reported that this aspect in our country has been in action, last year, China launched the "Internet plus wisdom energy" and "energy micro grid" multi energy complementary demonstration projects, effectively promoted the development of the industry. Xiamen University President Lin Boqiang Chinese Institute of energy policy also pointed out that now in the way to promote the development of China high technology content, such as solar panels and other renewable energy power generation has done a very good job.

The sustainable green development become a global consensus, in support of technological innovation, energy transformation of the road ahead spread. Energy Internet, artificial intelligence, block chain technology has gradually entered the public view, or the birth of a new pattern of energy use, but also will bring risks and challenges under the new mode. How to resist the risk in promoting energy transformation at the same time, synchronization, realize the sustainable development of the social and economic environment, the whole world is watching.

"Three high and one low" to be breaking public expectations of photovoltaic industry fixed strength

As a representative of the strategic emerging industries, the rapid rise of China's photovoltaic industry in recent years, China has become a global market impact of industry. But in the rapid development of the photovoltaic industry is also suffering from high subsidies, high investment, high debt and low core technology of the "three high and one low" symptoms. Public opinion, in May 31st this year "on 2018 PV notice related matters" (referred to as the "531 new") release, triggered a series of reactions, the formation of Europe and the United States following the 2012 "double reverse" after China's photovoltaic industry another shock, exposing some of the deep-seated problem of industry.

The industry worried about "three high and one low" predicament

Subsidies have been the core topic of photovoltaic industry. "Economic Reference News" quoted industry insiders point of view, the subsidy policy play an important guiding role for the rapid growth of photovoltaic industry, but the subsidy to control poor also brought problems. In the high subsidy policy stimulus, a large number of social capital poured into the photovoltaic industry, blind investment not only makes the rapid expansion of industry, but also planted the hidden dangers of excess capacity. At the same time, the high debt rate of photovoltaic industry also appeared with high investment expansion. In addition, the report also pointed out that the core technology content of China's photovoltaic industry the problem of low. Some experts and industry insiders bluntly, import problem with relying on core technology, new technology and key equipment of photovoltaic industry in china. There are voices of concern, because of the lack of domestic technological innovation, the domestic photovoltaic technology for overseas guild iteration and loss capacity advantage in heteronomy.

Large enterprises "three high and one low" is more prominent exposed industry "big but not strong"

"531 new" after the release, large, medium and small enterprises are not spared. While large enterprises are facing problems is more outstanding than small enterprises. In this regard, jinkosolar assistant president Guo Yihuan said that the photovoltaic leading enterprises in the subsidy policy and relatively loose financing environment for the rapid development, in the management, the core technology and innovation ability is still insufficient. In the reduction of subsidies, tightening financing environment of the environment, enterprises are facing more serious challenges.

From the market reaction after the 531 deal, big business investment, high debt, facing the problem is more prominent than small enterprises. Even with a view, a microcosm of photovoltaic industry "the old die" is "China's photovoltaic industry is big but not strong".

Public opinion on the photovoltaic industry repair skills, strengthen the innovation of science and technology

"Chinese industry news" "China environment daily" published an article said, the increase in overseas layout at the same time, the photovoltaic industry by strengthening scientific research, technological innovation, promote the efficiency and cost reduction. From the semi annual report also shows, at present, PV enterprises are to increase R & D efforts to strive to win the market by handling skills. article said that in recent years, the coal in Chinese energy station in proportion continued to decline, this is thanks to the support of renewable energy. But the abandoned wind, abandoned light phenomenon still exists, how to put the pieces of the green energy industry has become a key Jina, where the development of the. The article quoted insiders view that the key to the development of new energy PV represented in fixed strength. NDRC Energy Research Institute of renewable energy development center deputy director mold has publicly said: "for PV represented the renewable energy industry, strategic China tone is not changed, the support is firm." Therefore, the future development of the photovoltaic industry will face no brakes, across the board, later development is still available. But to survive, to develop, must be foreign breakthrough of life, improve the quality of handling skills. Only inside and outside both hands grasping, Chinese photovoltaic industry can survive the winter, ushered in the spring.

The natural gas supply to start work opinion forecast gas shortage phenomenon difficult to reproduce

9 15, LNG "cargo ship 6.6 million tons of Sri wheel successful berthing Hebei port of Tangshan Caofeidian, marking the natural gas in winter in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region for the security work officially started. The relevant information by "people's Daily", "Guangming Daily" and other authoritative reports, "natural gas supply" of the "universal topic once again triggered the media highly focused.

Natural gas supply and demand situation is still severe winter rainy day

Some of the media and experts believe that the gap between supply and demand of natural gas, natural gas supply arduous task. "Economic Reference News" published by the National Energy Bureau and other departments of the petroleum and natural gas company "Chinese gas development report 2018" data, Chinese pointed out that in 2018 the apparent consumption of natural gas is expected in about 271 billion cubic meters (excluding gas supply to Hong Kong and Macao), an increase of 13.5%. Have predicted that this year between natural gas supply gap in about 24 billion cubic meters, and puts forward how to avoid a repeat of last year "gas shortage", the relevant departments and enterprises must become a pressing matter of the moment to deal with the.

Local media, "Guangzhou daily", "Tai'an daily" and other media have said that the city economic structure, energy structure, LNG prices and other factors, the natural gas supply situation will not be optimistic.

Sinopec of natural gas market in Southern China Branch Sales Department Director Zhang Dawei and other pre sentence, from the resource supply and market demand, the supply of natural gas this winter may still be in a relatively tense state.

To increase the effective supply of resources to revitalize the stock gas shortage phenomenon will not be reproduced

Some experts in-depth analysis from Perspective of supply and demand that China's "gas shortage" phenomenon will not occur again.

First of all, in our efforts to increase the supply of gas. According to the "China Energy News" reported that the China Burma pipeline and Sinopec Guangxi pipeline interoperability, helps to optimize the supply of natural gas pipeline network, to achieve resource on providing security for the north and south, winter supply; "twenty-first Century economic report" pointed out that the oil Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd and Qatar signed a year's supply of 3 million 400 thousand tons of liquefied gas agreement, the agreement is valid 22 years. "Southern Metropolis Daily" based on the above report, said this year, "multi source organization 3 barrels of oil companies in the upstream countries and accelerate the natural gas infrastructure interconnection of key projects, a number of key projects under construction. Insiders judgment, in this series of measures to prepare for, this winter gas shortage will be eased.

Secondly, the natural gas distributors this year ahead of stocking. An unnamed insiders said that due to rising international oil prices and the RMB exchange rate fell, the cost price of imported liquefied natural gas floating around 30-40%. Although it is 4500 yuan of the import price, but domestic sales than last winter high or low many, many traders are the value of this point is to stockpile. "WeChat public energy journal" also holds a similar view, the article said, in Guangxi, Beihai LNG receiving station, TianJin Railway Station pier tank car loading area, the existing transport vehicles to install LNG, some dealers began to market this winter to prepare in advance.

Finally, our country take measures to reasonable regulation, and on peak effect. "Securities Daily" quoted China Baocheng Futures Institute Cheng Xiaoyong said the research point of view, "gas shortage" to highlight the natural gas peaking Paul for pressing at the same time, also forced the gas storage facilities and further scientific and rational layout. In addition to yield, the key is to accelerate the upgrading of security for the storage capacity and load capacity. The demand side, China's "coal to gas" adhere to the "gas", step by step, and is no longer in the winter of 2017, the "broad brush" approach.

The media focus on the proposal of natural gas supply and demand "the butterfly effect"

"Economic Reference News" the author puts forward, should pay attention to the natural gas supply and demand caused by rising prices and other livelihood issues. At the same time, speaking from a deeper level, in the energy system by high energy consumption to clean low-carbon, safe and efficient, China economic development from scale expansion to quality development, we must reform, considering a variety of economic and social cost factors, considering the spillover effect of reform initiatives to bring.

This winter can be predicted, China's natural gas supply will continue the work of media attention heat, orderly implementation of security for the work will again be the media focus on "effective measures; and alleviate the gas shortage will also trigger reports and media.

(commissioning editor Wang Kun and Zhang Xiang)