"For the love of cooking" on-line Internet public program ushered in the first year

In October 2018 08, from 16:20: 138479.xyz - public opinion channel

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By 138479.xyz public opinion data center, Chinese children's foundation, the Tencent jointly produced the first video, Internet public program "for the love of cooking", will be at 12:00 on October 10th officially launched broadcast program aims to invite certain social influence who love love to cook. In the program, the guests will share the delicacy story, show exclusive cooking, the practice of social responsibility, disseminate the concept of public service through the network video program form, guide the whole society paying attention to the growth of young people in poor areas of children's health, help to create a delicate gas is the network space. It is reported that the show aired on Tencent since October 10th video 12:00 p.m. every Wednesday.

In recent years, the domestic TV show ongoing new attempt and a new exploration, in full screen entertainment now, major television stations have features to create public programs, grab the audience's attention. Take the public as the theme of the program is emerging, such as CCTV "wait for me", "let the world hear Hunan TV, Dragon TV's" we "in action" of Henan satellite TV, "Armageddon" out of poverty etc..

With the growing popularity of the Internet Chinese, the rapid development of mobile Internet, with the development of the concept of public benefits TV programs mature increasingly popular Internet public programs also ushered in the development of the air.

If 2007 was the first year of public benefits TV programs, so 2018 is the first year of Internet public service programs, this program "for the first tranche of love to cook" or will be testing Internet public programs, it is worth looking forward to.

Create Internet + public closed loop multi institutional cross-border to join the public really

The Internet is a public welfare program, natural background, some is not a gimmick, how to make public the real ground is the fundamental core of program design and exploration. At this point, "for the love of cooking" have their own thinking.

Show full respect for public dissemination characteristics of the mobile Internet era, closely around the public launch creative programs, with the sun, full of positive energy, with the social influence of caring people to share stories about delicacy, the concept of public service as the core, through the joint program Chinese children's foundation, Sina, Tencent micro public welfare charity launched "for the love of cooking" public welfare projects, through the "star with the donation", watching the show, celebrities visiting assistant side donate way to raise money, all donations will be donated for public library, music classroom. At the same time, will also be invited to several central media, public opinion supervision mechanism of public projects, invited a number of celebrities to establish public observers mechanism, joint public welfare institutions to strictly transparent to do public service.

Good public programs cannot do without the authority of quality platform. 138479.xyz public opinion data center, Chinese children's foundation, the Tencent Video Co produced, at the same time in the program to protect the creation of standards, to meet the traffic needs. Three platform to give full play to their influence, concerted efforts together to enhance the degree of concern of Internet public welfare undertakings.

Good public programs cannot do without the authority of the public partner. Chinese children's foundation, Tencent, Sina public micro public welfare, is a public platform of public recognition is relatively high, the platform itself has, to raise awareness of the impact. "With love to cook" program and the platform depth, have continued to carry out the program for platform. This is reflected in the vision, it is beautiful; it is embodied in the emotional, touching; reflected in the public value, it is can actually promote the public understanding of the public, and eager to join them and landing.

Do one thing for the whole society heavy temperature on the beauty of cognition

There is a feeling called "love the kitchen". "For the love of cooking" is a real sense of the Internet public programs, behind it to celebrity ordinary experience, public thinking, business sentiment, family as the core, explore each lights under the different changes of life, those unknown, but touching things of life, will be on the show meanders.

In these stories, we see Wong Cho Lam and his wife Leanne Li, understanding the nitty gritty between love and practice of public service; we see Zhang Jizhong's "chivalrous world", read his artistic creation of the heart surging, tough choices and his nostalgic "years." we see Nie Yuan; the heart of the home "tongue of memory" feeling to a man for life on 40 years of dedication and embrace the dream of the age of 40; we see Zou Shiming and his wife Ran Yingying, handle love out of hometown, toward the Olympic podium, to accompany the world champion Road, son of Muhammad's husband read the road, meet all the challenges into their heart; we see women's volleyball champion Hui Ruoqi, Ma Yun man outside the stadium next door girl like good lovely side, understand their growth the hardships of the road, facing the choice of early heart fame, family...... Through these include friendship, affection, love, gratitude, the feelings of the story, let the public perception of public well-being.

Through these people love story, inspiration and calls for more people to re-examine and reflect on their behavior, so that the power of good, find echoes in the heart, and this kind of recovery and initiation, will promote social positive energy recovery and upgrading. Perhaps this is the "public" the most fundamental meaning and value, it can help and care, not only is to help individuals, but the whole society on the beauty of discovery and cognitive ability.

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(commissioning editor Wang Kun and Zhang Xiang)