"Study" group of city consumption vigor index of the Great Wall city issued Kazakhstan

In October 2018 08, from 17:12: 138479.xyz - public opinion channel

With the sustained and healthy development of China city to speed up the process of social and economic, consumer behavior and consumption style increasingly diversified and personalized, consumption upgrade trend gradually spread from the developed area to the country, Chinese city especially non first-tier cities facing the expansion and upgrading of the consumption demand of development, future development prospect is very considerable energy consumption.

Recently, 138479.xyz public opinion data center issued a research report entitled "city group consumption vigor index ha the Great Wall city" (hereinafter referred to as the "report"). The "report" city group and city economic foundation and Jingdong internal data business platform based on the data, starting from the consumer activity, showing domestic representative city status based on kinetic energy consumption, energy demand and supply, consumption and other aspects of the quality, consumer friendly with local perspective.

The "report" in Harbin, Qigihar, Changchun three city as an example, the relevant data and supplemented by the Yangtze River city group of Wuhan, Changsha, Nanchang three city, make a comparative analysis of the current status of the Great Wall City Kazakhstan consumer activity group, the difference between consumption and to obtain the National City group regional city group activity in all aspects, so as to provide some reference experience for the future development direction of the Great Wall group kazakhstan.

As a regional city group for the first time, Kazakhstan the Great Wall city group has been promoting the northeast old industrial base, leading the regional economic development, enhance the northeast development, promoting coordinated regional development as the main target. Harbin the Great Wall city group is an important part of the northeast of the city group in the "two vertical and three horizontal" city strategy pattern Jinghagaosu Beijing channel axis north, in promoting the construction of new urbanization, plays an important role in the development of new space for regional development.

Through the comparison of Kazakhstan in the Great Wall city group and the middle reaches of the Yangtze River city group can be seen that the middle reaches of the Yangtze River city group consumer activity significantly ahead of the Great Wall and Kazakhstan city group. Wuhan, Changsha and Nanchang is the capital city, according to the new 2018 first-tier cities Research Institute released the "Chinese city commercial appeal list", Wuhan, Changsha or new first-tier cities, with a strong regional power and coverage, while Harbin, ranked second in the Changchun city line, in all aspects. Than the new first-tier cities slightly inferior, coupled with the Qigihar city development level is relatively low, for the Great Wall and Kazakhstan city group, better play the wings of Harbin and Changchun linkage effects, to better help the northeast economic transformation, promote regional economic development, is a solid foundation to enhance its energy consumption.

Individual consumption dominant quality, high-end, healthy personality to become key words

Consumer goods from the accounting point of view, the big city group homogeneity is very high, Kazakhstan in the Great Wall city in the high-end consumer groups showed more obvious advantages, the healthy consumption is quite close to the smart consumer. Cultural consumption and green consumption, Yangtze River city group is better. As a regional economic development, the key city group to undertake national strategy, Kazakhstan the Great Wall quality attribute group in the consumer show enjoy consumption and individual consumption trend strong, consumers for high-end consumer goods in favor of showing a strong spending power and the pursuit of personality, pay attention to consumer trends, high-end experience. But the health of the consumer a dominant performance still shows that the main consumption stage ha the Great Wall city group of consumers still stay in to meet the demand of healthy living level. Of course, on the other hand also shows that the permeability of Jingdong on behalf of the electronic business platform for the daily lives of consumers have high dependence, users get better reflect.

High willingness to share to provide a good ecological environment to create vitality

With the continuous optimization of share promotion channels, promotion tools upgrade, sharing intention and word-of-mouth actively contribute to the continued growth in the number of new users, to promote the sales of products and services, improve the competitiveness. The "report" data show that Kazakhstan the Great Wall group share index year-on-year growth rate of goods is less than the middle reaches of the Yangtze River city group, but the overall level is higher than the Yangtze River city group, the Great Wall group Kazakhstan shows that consumers have enough high share rate of Jingdong proprietary products, continued approval of its products and services. This provided a good environment for the release of city vitality consumption.


A research report entitled "city group consumption vigor index HA in the Great Wall city"

(commissioning editor Wang Kun and Zhang Xiang)