The energy of public opinion: barrels of oil by focusing the third quarterly Huadian Datang merger rumors questioned


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11 month 2018 years 08 days from 16:28: - public opinion channel

In this period, China oil and Sinopec announced in 2018 three quarterly, dazzling performance was focused, how to deal with the increasingly fierce market competition environment has also led to a public wait-and-see. Datang and Huadian Group merger rumors whirling, authoritative source of information low cited questioned the part of the view that "should not be merged". The photovoltaic industry information intensive release, general secretary Xi Jinping responded to entrepreneurs suggestions, the national energy board meeting of the release of positive information, public opinion in the field of photovoltaic blowing frequency, the industry boom is expected to gradually upward.

China Petroleum, Sinopec issued a quarterly public opinion focused on the barrels of oil dazzling performance

The evening of October 30th, China oil and Sinopec has announced in 2018 three quarterly. Chinese oil before 2018 three quarter operating income of 1 trillion and 710 billion yuan, an increase of 17.3%; net profit of 48 billion 121 million yuan, an increase of 177.2%. Sinopec 2018 years ago, the third quarter operating income of 2.07 trillion yuan, an increase of 18.8%; net profit of 599.80 billion yuan, an increase of 56.3%.

Barrels of oil for the third quarter dazzling performance in the focus of public opinion

A number of financial media pointed out that two barrels of oil before the three quarter total revenues of nearly 4 trillion, the average daily profit of nearly 400 million yuan. Benefit from the international crude oil price shocks and other factors, China oil and Sinopec in the three quarter of the year earnings continued, steady revenue growth, net profit rose significantly, media reports said two barrels of oil "brisk performance". According flush I asked property data show that in the 3566 listed companies, Sinopec, Chinese oil revenues separated the top two, the company opened a gap; from the net, Sinopec, Chinese oil is a winner, in the net profit of the list of seventh and tenth respectively.

Some media attention to the "two barrels of oil" part of the business losses or income fell

"Beijing News" pointed out that the first three quarters of Sinopec exploration and development sector operating losses of 1 billion yuan; the individual from the media issued a document pointed out that Sinopec gas station sales in decline, sales in the back plate. In addition, the Wall Street informative pointed out that the oil in addition to the three quarterly revenue jumped, not much changes in other indicators also increased sales co.. Wall Street informative said, this shows that Chinese oil revenue mainly from the increase in prices, rather than to raise the level of management: the net profit margin of about 3.7%, although the company is huge, competitiveness is weak.

The market competition is becoming increasingly fierce domestic oil companies how to deal with the cited public wait-and-see

According to July this year, began the implementation of the "foreign investment access special management measures (negative list) (2018 Edition)", cancel the foreign chain gas station more than 30 home to China Holdings limited. The international oil giants have a positive response, Shell plans to 2025 new more than 2000 gas station, BP also said that in the next 5 years will be in the new 1000 China gas station. Public opinion, this will bring pressure to the barrels of oil. In September, the Gulf oil into the domestic gas station business, its low oil prices have triggered a storm, followed by oil and two barrels of oil into quickly ended. The Gulf oil stir the domestic refined oil market short event, but also reflects the overseas oil company of domestic oil giants and the impact of consumer dissatisfaction for domestic oil prices. How to China petroleum, Sinopec and other domestic giants in the face of foreign oil companies will enter the market China, with more fierce market competition environment, public opinion will remain on the sidelines.

Datang and Huadian network transmission with public opinion "should not be merged"

10 March 31, Huadian Group meeting, party secretary Zhao Jianguo, retired chairman of the group. On the same day, the "coal arena" issued, as the five major power group Huadian Group and Datang Group announced the merger, and by Chen Feihu chairman. The article points out that the combined group installed more than the new born national energy group, but the total assets and the national energy group compared to the gap is still significant; wind power, by the end of 2016, Datang Group's wind power installed capacity of 1 million 830 thousand kilowatts, ranking second in the five major power groups, will effectively compensate for the lack of Huadian in the wind electricity; Huadian hydropower first, Datang hydropower sector assets after the thermal power sector, hydropower is a strong alliance; but in the coal, the two combined to resolve the contradiction between coal and electricity and gain little contradiction.

"The merger rumors" public opinion "should not be combined with Public opinions are divergent"

The initiation of media attention after the issue of the. In November 1st, the media industry and the media have to "Huadian, Datang and Fei Hu Chen chairman! The power of the central enterprises to gradually implement the "merger" Huadian, Datang and 1 trillion and 500 billion ship set sail "Huadian energy" with datang! A wind "Big Mac" birth "as reported. The article points out, from the beginning of 2015, the CPI and the national nuclear technology with the energy of the central enterprises merger tide intensified, before each of the central enterprises merger rumors become reality in one by one. Datang, Huadian both retired chairman of news, also make the merger rumors credibility and increased somewhat. After Shenhua and Guodian announced the merger of two central enterprises on the eve of leadership positions also appeared vacant.

2, the "energy" magazine deputy editor issued "energy | spicy commentary on the three major reasons for" Datang and Huadian should not be merged to refute the merger rumors. The article points out that the power generation enterprises in two business the same simple merger, not only difficult to form a synergic effect of industrial chain, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises, and contrary to the current spirit of reform. The article was issued after the media reported the wind vertical rotation. Chinese business network followed by release of "official denied message. The article said that the "merger" rumors, the office of Huadian Group said not heard any news, also not received the notice above SASAC; an insider also said there had not received the relevant message. But the article still quoted industry insiders point of view, the great possibility of Huadian and Datang merger. "Observation" Journal of Southern Energy official WeChat public number issued, Huadian and Datang incorporation is not 1+1 > 2 choice. In addition to "energy" magazine views, the article also pointed out that if the Huadian and Datang merged to form a "Big Mac" will not help to create a fair competitive environment, with the rest of the world.

3, the Economic Observer online posting "Huadian Group and Datang Group in merger rumors of the companies involved have denied but officials said the" true "", the "merger rumors" whirling again. The article points out, a local energy system officials confirmed that a merger of "true, accurate, early hearsay".

The media authority of the lower merger rumors deviate from the conventional process lead the industry questioned

Energy news article pointed out that the merger rumors deviate from conventional process, the lack of authenticity. The article said, Datang Group, Huadian Group is the SASAC central enterprises directly, according to the process, should be submitted to the State Council SASAC restructuring, approved by the State Council for examination and approval, the SASAC announced. The general restructuring process is relatively long, the short 6 months a year. Two central enterprises had no hand in the business scandal, and the lack of complementarity, the relevant media reports of the merger to determine the basic "surprising news.

Although the Huadian Group Office, the SASAC insiders told the media that "not heard" has not received any news ", but" merger rumors "has been rumored for several days, Datang Group and Huadian Group's official website did not show any clarification, making the" merger rumors "continuous fermentation.

In the public opinion dissemination characteristics, media reports focused on industry websites and portals, accounting for about 90% of total, no central news website reported; from the media, the WeChat platform as a main channel of the public opinion dissemination of information, accounting for nearly 50%. The merger news release the media from the media industry and the media, not the mainstream authoritative media reports, "the authenticity and reliability of the merger" message is questionable.

The energy of the central enterprises restructuring and battered looking more should be strong

SASAC had held a working meeting said that under the new situation, the reorganization of the central enterprises to play a greater role in the cultivation of internationally competitive world-class enterprises, the implementation of the supply side structural reform, transformation and upgrading of industrial structure adjustment, fitness and health quality and efficiency etc.. Coal and other energy fields of integration of central enterprises or will continue to be the focus of this year's work, in order to better play the central enterprises in the protection of national energy security, promote the healthy development of the economy.

Both the CPI and the national nuclear technology or the formation of the national power investment, Shenhua and Guodian amalgamated into the national energy group, energy central enterprises restructuring has been plagued by public concern and expectation. The public opinion that the main purpose of the reorganization of central enterprises is stronger than bigger, Huadian and Datang while the merger in the volume to achieve a "bigger", but because of its similar business, it is difficult to form the restructuring effect of complementary advantages, in the "strong" particularly insufficient by public opinion questioned also in surprise.

The photovoltaic industry information intensive release received widespread media attention

In October 30th, the National Energy Bureau of the first three quarters of this year the energy situation held a press conference pointed out that no subsidies will actively promote wind power, photovoltaic power generation projects. Then, the general secretary Xi Jinping presided over a high-level private forum, Tongwei group chairman of the board of directors of Liu Hanyuan the recommendations put forward by the relevant departments to actively respond to. After the meeting, the photovoltaic industry news emerge in an endless stream, causing widespread public concern.

The National Energy Bureau held a news conference public concern photovoltaic grid parity Era

In October 30th, the National Energy Bureau of the first three quarters of this year the energy situation held a press conference. The meeting, new energy and renewable energy division deputy director Liang Zhipeng said that the National Energy Bureau will actively promote no subsidy for wind power, photovoltaic power generation projects, the first in the good resource conditions and low construction cost, market demand conditions to implement the area, determine the number of state subsidies without cheap or low cost wind power, photovoltaic power generation construction. The press conference held by the industry concerned, the media have focused on parity and no subsidies for wind power, photovoltaic power generation projects.

The "Beijing daily" focusing on the whole industry chain of the photovoltaic industry decline in the cost of photovoltaic power generation, published an article "can usher in the parity era" pointed out that, at present, the price compared to thermal power, hydropower, PV cost is still high, but driven by "5 31 deal" policy, the price of each link of PV have different degrees of decline. The photovoltaic industry chain cost reduction, are two important factors for China PV grid parity era. Jiangsu sumeida group general manager Cai Jibo also said that with the continuous progress of photovoltaic modules and photovoltaic technology cost is greatly reduced, the cost advantage relative to traditional photovoltaic energy will gradually appear.

"Securities Daily" published an article "the" 5? 31 new "parity forced Internet speed the country's first photovoltaic projects will fall without subsidies", reported the country's first photovoltaic grid parity project - Shandong Dongying City estuary photovoltaic market trading project, the project operators claim that HJT will use the most advanced components. In order to achieve without state subsidies commitment. The article points out that with the gradual development of the optimization design of a full set of efficient ecological chain, efficient battery tracking system, the high technology industry to nurture, accelerate the process of photovoltaic grid parity.

The admonition to reply to photovoltaic policy or adjustment triggered by media focus

Held in November 1st, general secretary Xi Jinping presided over the private enterprise forum, Tongwei group chairman of the board of directors Liu Hanyuan as entrepreneurs said, "5 - 31 new" suddenly released the industry has been hit hard, all taxes and non technical factors pushing up the domestic photovoltaic power generation cost, and the existing photovoltaic industry policy is difficult to meet the needs of our country energy transformation. After listening to the speeches of general secretary Xi Jinping said that some of the policy making process of preliminary investigation is not enough, not fully listen to the enterprise, the actual impact of policy inconsiderate, not to set aside the necessary adjustment period of enterprises. Some of the policies are not coordinated, the policy effect to the same stack, or work mode is simple, led to some of the original intention is good policy had the opposite effect.

2, the National Energy Bureau rapid response, organized on solar energy development "13th Five-Year" planning mid-term evaluation results of the forum. The meeting stressed that PV is a national key support for clean energy, clear before 2022, the domestic PV market will have subsidies, not across the board to promote parity; in addition, will greatly enhance the "13th Five-Year" photovoltaic construction target. Forum to discuss that, to increase the installed PV Plan, "13th Five-Year" PV installed capacity target is expected to adjust and more than 250GW, or even 270GW. It is reported that the next month, the national energy board will accelerate the development of photovoltaic industry in 2019 issued the relevant policies to stabilize market expectations, let photovoltaic enterprises to ease.

"Shanghai Securities News", Securities Times news network, network interface, in the network, each by the network and other media issued positive attention to this matter. "Shanghai Securities News" article "the future three years will continue to support the policy of PV enterprises are expected to eat" reassurance "and the" Securities Times net PV policy will actively adjust the Tongwei group Liu Hanyuan proposal response "pointed out that the relevant departments to respond quickly to Liu Hanyuan's admonition, said photovoltaic policy will be adjusted accordingly, given the PV the enterprise a" reassurance".

Said the vice chairman of the China photovoltaic industry association and the Secretary General Wang Bohua on November 2nd at the "2018 Chinese distributed photovoltaic conference theme of the forum, the state will maintain support attitude to the photovoltaic industry, should be full of confidence in the domestic market. Analysts also pointed out that the current policy will blindly believe that the reversal is still too early, yet the key contradiction photovoltaic subsidies and subsidies in the gap continued to expand the solution. If the subsequent policy provides a new subsidy source is really good for the industry.

(commissioning editor Wang Kun and Zhang Xiang)