A week's observation of Wen Brigade: Jin Yong's death triggered a nationwide recall, and the provinces and cultures and tourism administrative departments were set up in an intensive way.

Li Yang

November 2018 09, 17:01, source: People's Network - public opinion channel

1. Summary of this week

From October 29, 2018 to November 4th, the public cloud data center of the people's public opinion data center monitored 994042 articles involving travel information, of which about 37.2% of travel information was concerned, and cultural information accounted for about 62.8%. According to the public cloud data center of the people's network, the headlines, Sohu and information become the main channel of information dissemination. The volume of news dissemination is relatively stable this week, and the amount of transmission from the media is relatively high, and it is more obvious in the weekend.

Figure: trend chart of culture and tourism coverage this week

Combing this week's travel industry hot information, cultural celebrity chivalrous novelist Jin Yong's death triggered a nationwide discussion, the topic of heat continued high. In addition, public opinion focuses on the following topics: the provincial culture and tourism administrative departments are concentrating on their appearance, and the future culture and tourism trends are heated; Beijing cultural integration development project has signed a record high of nearly 7 billion, and the "cultural +" new format has been playing an increasingly important role in boosting the economy; the layout of Wanda culture brigade and the dynamics of Tmall. In addition, 9 new 5A scenic spots, 11 4A scenic spots, and Chinese tourists evacuated from Saipan are also attracting public attention.

Two. Topic analysis

1. The death of Jin Yong, the leader of the martial arts novel, reflects the demand of popular culture behind the whole people.

[public opinion] in October 30th, Jin Yong, the famous swordsman novelist, died at the age of 94. After the exposure, public opinion was heated. Jin Yong's works, as the common spirit of Chinese people all over the world, made him feel sorry for his death.

[public opinion] in October 30th, Hongkong media exposed that the death of Jin Yong, a swordsman novelist, immediately caused the media to pay attention to it. Netizens recalled that the topic fever continued to rise, and the amount of related information spread to nearly 290 thousand articles. Jin Yong's article has become the headline topic of the media and WeChat public. It has also become a focus of discussion by netizens in the media. Many netizens have sent messages to think about the time when they read his works.

Figure: information dissemination channel ratio

Public opinion reviews] according to the data collected by public cloud big data platform, the public opinion is generally reserved for the death of Mr. Jin Yong. "The rivers and lakes are far away." The death of a cultural person leads to collective feelings and thoughts. This cultural phenomenon is worth pondering.

"Jin Yong's martial arts works, as a popular culture, have great influence on readers' mood, spiritual enlightenment and spiritual warmth." Jin Yong's works are loved by the Chinese world. This shows that "Chivalry", as a mirror of Chinese personality, trigges emotional resonance and spiritual harmony. Its works are widely disseminated in various aspects, such as text, film and television works and songs, and become a trend in the Chinese world and become the spiritual home of generations. People's daily commented: "popular culture is a cultural category that is closely related to the spiritual life of the masses, and it is also necessary to nourish people's hearts."

After the death of Jin Yong, it grew with the sadness of everyone and the sales volume of Jin Yong's works. According to media reports, from 19 o'clock in October 30th, the sales volume of Jin Yong's works went straight up; at 20 o'clock, it increased by more than 120 times compared with 29 days. Dangdang data show that the 36 volume of the 650 yuan (original price of 968 yuan), the complete works of Jin Yong (the old version of Lang Lang), began to rise sharply at 19 o'clock, reaching 350 times faster than the previous day at 31 o'clock. At present, this set of books is in short supply, and the Jingdong and Dangdang are in the pre-sale state. Jin Yong has left, but his works remain popular among the public. Mechanized production, fast food consumption and quick success and instant benefit may be able to curry favor with others for a while, but they will eventually be forgotten by the public because they can't nourish people and infect people, and they will be dusty by history. What the public yearn for is still excellent works that nourish the mind.

2, the provinces and cultural and tourism administrative departments densely listed "poetry and distance" to achieve a key leap.

[public opinion] as of November 4th, Guangdong, Shandong, Fujian, Liaoning, Gansu, Hainan, Yunnan, Hebei, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Heilongjiang, Heilongjiang, Heilongjiang, and 18 provinces (districts, municipalities) have formally established new cultural and tourism administrative departments.

The Ministry of culture and tourism officially announced the six months after the publication of the Ministry of culture and tourism. On the morning of October 30th, the culture and Tourism Department of the two provinces of Fujian and Liaoning was officially listed. In October 30th afternoon, the Gansu provincial culture and Tourism Department was officially listed. In October 31st, the culture and Tourism Department of Shandong and Hunan two provinces were listed, November 1st Yunnan culture and Tourism Hall officially unveiled, and Hebei Hebei culture and tourism hall was officially listed in November 2nd. The official website of the provincial and regional cultural and tourism units has become the first-hand source of information. With the reports from various provinces, the culture and tourism bureaus (bureaux) have been set up in the whole country to spread the trend and form the topic influence.

Figure: information dissemination channel ratio

Public opinions and comments: cultural and tourism administrative departments of provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) have been officially listed, indicating that the reform of cultural and tourism system is accelerating. For the provinces' cultural administrative departments and tourism administrative departments, the cultural and tourism offices (bureaus) established together are the "key leap" of "poetry and distance". But how the provincial culture and tourism administrative departments have changed from simple "add up" to "integration" of ideas and mechanisms, so that the realization of simple "you and me" to "us" has just begun.

How to promote the prosperity and development of every province's culture and tourism, the cultural and tourism administrative departments of all provinces (cities, districts) are undoubtedly the key link. In the context of integration of culture and tourism, the implementation of the three plans is not only the integration of departments' responsibilities, internal organizations and staffing organizations, but also the determination of the "steadfastness, stability and brightness" of culture and tourism "market, people's heart and future". The provincial and regional cultural and tourism administrative departments will also turn from "wonderful solo" to "harmonious Symphony" in the future.

3, 9 scenic spots to promote 5A level is worth congratulating 11 4A level scenic spots delisting industry reflection

[public opinion overview] in October 29th, the Ministry of culture and tourism held a new 5A tourist attraction in Beijing. The meeting announced that, through the national tourism resources planning and development quality evaluation committee, the 9 scenic spots in Hongdong, Linfen, Shanxi, were identified as the national 5A level scenic spots. The same period, 11 scenic spots with grade 4A were delisted.

[public opinion] the topic of the cultural and Tourism Ministry's 5A scenic spot continued to rise on the first day after it was introduced to the local media. In October 30th, the official website of the Ministry of culture and tourism announced that the 5A level scenic spots would be held after the information was given. The central government and the key media quickly joined the propaganda camp, and the heat of public opinion increased rapidly. In November 1st, the website of the Ministry of culture and tourism announced the list of 11 4A scenic spots that were delisted.

Figure: information dissemination channel ratio

[public opinion] after the establishment of the Ministry of culture and tourism, the first 5A level scenic spot was awarded, and the list of 11 4A level scenic spots was announced. As a leader in tourism, tourist attractions play a significant role in promoting culture, promoting employment, stimulating consumption, and promoting regional economic development. The 259 state-level 5A scenic spots are not only the gold lettered signboards recognized by the masses and the market depth, but also the heavy responsibilities. They play a decisive role in meeting the needs of people's travel and life, inheriting Chinese culture, displaying national image, and demonstrating the development of tourism resources.

The Ministry of culture and tourism also announced the delisting of 11 4A scenic spots and gave reasons: service quality degradation, lack of service facilities, lagging toilet revolution, poor tourist experience and weakening tourism function. This has also sounded the alarm for the national A-level scenic spots. The national A-level scenic spots are in and out of the mechanism. They are mobile and can be eliminated. To improve the scientific management and operation ability, attach importance to tourists' personal experience and enhance the public service ability, we can effectively maintain the brand image of the A-level scenic spot, and better satisfy the tourist consumption demand of the tourists.

(Editor: Wang Kun, Zhang Xiang)