Two micro end media fusion spread weekly chart released

(October 29th -11 04)


In November 2018 09, from 10:32: - public opinion channel

In order to adapt to the media depth of integration trend, adaptation and media era demand, public opinion data center since 2015 Chinese media launched two micro end fusion spread weekly chart, ranking assessment covering domestic newspapers, magazines, radio and television, news website offered by new media account. Statistics of the media in the Sina micro-blog, WeChat and Tencent, today's headlines client on the three platforms to publish the article reading number, forwarding number and comment sharing data, evaluation of the media in the mobile platform development, the communication effect and influence. The list of statistics period for the October 29, 2018 -11 04.

In this period, "people's Daily", "CCTV news" continues won the championship, "headlines (Sina News)" harvest third, "Sina entertainment", "" followed by "Global Times", "World Wide Web", "news surging,, Guangming" in sixth to 10. "Esquire", "Chengdu daily" in this period with excellent performance, both among the total list of the top 20, obviously, "bazaar men" also entered the situation before the 30 leap,. In addition, "Xinhua viewpoint", "City Express" and "banyuetan" and "new weekly" and other media have different degrees of progress situation. "Sina sports", "overseas", "Sina" has a different degree of decline trend.

From this period WeChat flow trend, "people's Daily" in 100% of the 100 thousand + articles proportion champion, "Sina entertainment", "GQ laboratory" also have more than 50% of the high flow. From the point of view of the flow distribution of headlines, the headline rate of explosion of momentum, "people's Daily", "Sina" and "GQ laboratory" and "reader" and "surging news" have won 100% of the explosion rate, "CCTV news", "news night" also has more than 90% headlines burst a public number of articles accounted for. From the point of view of praise, "people's Daily", "CCTV news", "Knight island has over a million points like the book. This period list, "people's Daily" Esquire "CCTV news" "" headlines (Sina News) "the newspapers and magazines were awarded, radio and television, news websites and business information site classification charts.

(commissioning editor Wang Kun and Zhang Xiang)