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The Central Committee official news website China Changan United public opinion data center issued a political and legal system, micro-blog ranking October list. The list covers all micro-blog certified public security, procuratorate, court, judicial and administrative law committee system official institutions such as micro-blog, the evaluation system includes four dimensions: communication, service force, interaction force and identity. "The spread of the spread and characterization of micro-blog released information", the propagation force index is higher, and that micro-blog content is more Internet users see. The "service" and the characterization of micro-blog one-on-one service users, act for the people, service force index is higher, that political institutions through the micro-blog platform service more Internet users. The influence of interaction force and characterization of micro-blog released information, the interaction force index is higher, and that micro-blog's content triggered more netizens response. "Identity of" Internet users for micro-blog and characterization of the release of information, the higher the score, indicating that users for the micro-blog government release information identification is high.

This period (October 1st -10 31), political and legal system, the total list of the top five names are @ Ministry of public security to play four black four pests @ Ping Beijing @ police train - Shanghai @ Ping Jizhou "and" China @ Changan net ", ranked in the top 20, public security, courts, procuratorate, judicial administration, politics and Law Committee of each system accounted for 75%, 10%, 5%, 5%, 5%. The scoreboard, public security system, the top five are @ Ministry of public security to play four black four pests @ Ping Beijing @ police train - Shanghai @ Ping Jizhou "and" @ Suzhou public security". "People's court" @ @ newspaper "the Supreme People's Procuratorate" @ Huanghua justice "and" China @ Changan net "were made, the court and the procuratorate and judicial administrative committee system of micro-blog ranking champion.

Micro-blog original quality and timely response to social concerns

The new media era, and micro-blog in the dissemination of information, informed the hot social events, plays an important role in tracking the progress of events, the open window function has become a useful bridge between government and citizens. In October, micro-blog and the total before a list of 100 accounts, 31 accounts of the original document accounted for more than 90%, the average proportion of the original document also reached 76%, and the original features of micro-blog's significant. The comprehensive interaction volume, the volume of the top 100 single interactive and micro-blog account (to comment total) for the 107 / 17 single, interactive volume list account more than 80 points reached 358 times /, an important position in the visible head mechanism of ecological public account. Shown below, this month was the highest single interactive account is @ Jiangning public security online, browse the account that, although only 6 daily micro-blog, but whether it is in the morning and user interaction, or hot event forwarding is the interaction between the field of a certain amount of Jiangning local hot events such as heart warming occurred escort of police intelligence is widely concerned, a micro-blog only "storm pear" alarm recording reached about 200000 of the amount of interaction, at the same time, @ Jiangning Public Security Online on the alert is multidimensional elaborate on public concerns to respond.

Figure: the distribution and amount of micro-blog interactive

Build a strong responsibility for sticking to the bottom line of public security

The evening of October 15th, a "message brush for the relay for life" explosion network. A 13 year old high school students in Beijing with his family when traveling in Inner Mongolia serious accident, the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region people's hospital diagnosis, need to be immediately transferred to the Beijing Tiantan Hospital for treatment. Informed of the news, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Beijing three departments immediately carry out joint escort operations. The "@ Inner Mongolia police overnight arrangements via the highway high-speed traffic police brigade deployed police traffic, and arrange the secret service to escort to Mongolia Hebei circle. In the "@ Inner Mongolia police escort, the original 3.5 hours needed, to reach 2 hours, for life" grab "time. "Hebei @ Zhangjiakou high-speed traffic police detachment of police deployed along the" dredge, also called self driving car owners to ensure the timely emergency team, Beijing road blocked all direction. The "@ Beijing traffic police command and dispatch 4 transportation detachment relay channel, to ease the way route traffic, and real-time release of more than 10 micro-blog broadcast team orientation, to remind the vehicle ordered emergency avoidance, making the team at 10:36 arrived safely at the Beijing Tiantan Hospital, ahead of schedule for more than 2 hours. Three traffic police Peihemoqi, relay escort, also actively use the micro-blog platform broadcast team orientation, remind the vehicle avoidance, raced to win time to rescue, reflects the critical moment the police protect public safety attitude and ability.

From the above case is visible, political and legal system and make full use of new media resources, optimization and upgrading of service ability and function in different degrees, people in the face of crisis, political and legal system by micro-blog open platform, linkage, rapid mobilization of resources, open channels, to increase the service efficiency. The micro-blog has not only become a conventional weapons emergency disposal of emergencies, effective for powerful, has become the best window to show the political and legal institutions, the relationship between friendly image.

Detective fast complaints of judicial justice black Technology Network trial interpretation

At present, the procuratorial organs detective fast complaints, speed up the handling speed becomes effective fight against crime. October 19th, @ Shandong Provincial People's Procuratorate to prosecute Wang Mouran 28 people suspected of organizing, leading and participating in mafia crime case hearing, the case involving 17 charges and more than 60 cases of illegal crime, file 79 copies, review the report to more than 3000 pages. Such a huge amount of work, from the prosecution to the court only 1 and a half months time, to ensure that the detective fast complaints, no part of the prosecution bungled fighters. Not only the "@ Shandong Provincial People's Procuratorate" detective fast complaints, @ Chongqing Banan Procuratorate "rapid response, just a day after the knife in the" Chongqing kindergarten attack case ", on suspicion of intentional homicide suspects approved the arrest according to law.

Not only improve the efficiency of judicial organs in the handling process, in the judicial information construction also has made a great contribution. In from October 28th to 29th, the "@ Ministry of justice" in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region city of Hohhot held a national judicial and administrative information will promote the work on the construction of big data platform is introduced: justice will be completed next year. Then, the implementation of the "digital law, judicial wisdom" informatization construction. At the same time, October 30th at 9:30 in the morning, @ Beijing Internet court "was founded after the admissibility of the first case (" trill short video "v." in partnership with small video copyright right and infringement dispute case) also attracts much attention. The court uses the online trial mode, the parties do not need to be present, only remote login Beijing Internet electronic platform to participate in litigation court litigation, is a veritable online online trial case". The courtroom full sense of science and technology, no seats in the court clerk, the automatic speech recognition system for recording, playback the video, record the automatic generation and remote record electronic signature technology, no Caton in signal transmission, ensure the smooth and orderly throughout the trial. In the first hearing before a public celebrity, micro-blog has experienced face recognition authentication, online petition, fast generation find everything fresh and new technologies such as mobile phone screen responding, feeling the fusion judicial trial and Internet technology depth. "Internet @ Beijing court" was established, saving the cost of litigation, improve the efficiency of the trial, there is conducive to the efficient solution of online dispute.

(commissioning editor: Li Tong (Intern), Zhang Xiang)